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Work in Progress round up – October 2015

In an effort to keep on top of my wips I’m having a monthly round up of my ongoing wips, whether I’ve made any progress on them over the past month or not. (September round up here)

So here is October 2015


Quite a change from last month, but some of that is because I forgot to add my long term wips – mea culpa! So in an effort to make up for that here they are at numbers 1 and 2.

  1. Is my Happy Blanket. It’s a sock yarn blanket like the many, many being knitted at the moment. I haven’t worked on this for a while, but now that  I’ve unearthed it again I’m hoping to give it a bit more love. As you can see it’s colour themed apart from one pesky blue square that I added right at the start.
  2. Is my hexipuff Copy Cat Cosy. I’m making a tea pot cosy with hexipuffs inspired by blatantly copying  Dani of Little Bobbins and her Bramley Hedge inspired tea pot cosy. I have these sweet little hexipuffs in a glass bowl on my shelves, I really should add to these get the cosy made.
  3. Is the eye searing socks for my biggest boy, made with Regia Fluromania in 2×2 rib. These have made a fair amount of progress, I’m almost at the toe of the second sock. These are after thought heel socks, so I’ve still got the heels to do.
  4. Is a new sock design that’s not been touched this month – oh dear!
  5. Is my lovely soft as clouds Comodo cardigan. I’m knitting in Sirdar Nomad a deep stash soft and fluffy bouclé and it’s glorious. I’m so looking forward to wearing this. The yarn isn’t very nice to work with even will blunt needles, but the resulting fabric is so lovely that it’s worth a little hassel. I’m down to the waist now and the rows are sooo long!

So what have I knitted this month?

I finished the never ending tube socks for my eight year old.

I’ve knitted samples of my Foxy Friends Wristers pattern for kits that I’ve put up in my etsy shop.











I’ve also been a busy bee working on a new pattern (and all the samples are prototypes that intails)  that will also be available in kit for hopefully next week. (And as a stand alone pattern in the Ravelry shop and on etsy.



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