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Work in progress round up – August 2015

In an effort to keep on top of my wips I’m starting a monthly round up of my ongoing wips, whether I’ve made any progress on them over the past month or not.

August 2015


I’m really surprised to see how few knitting wips that I have, I’ve felt the weight of them dragging on me rather for the past while, but when I look at them there are only five, Three of them though are my own designs. and those are all at a point where I need to sit down, do some calculations and make some decisions.

So in no particular order I have

1: Bigger on the inside These are spiral tube socks for my eight year old boy with size 3 (UK) feet. They are 64 stitches worked in a spiral rib, with 2×2 ribbed cuffs and a star toe. The cuffs and toes are Regia Trendpoint  and the main body of the sock is a very deep stash Regia Creativ sock blank that I’ve had in stash for ages.


2: More eye searing socks These are 2×2 rib socks for my eldest son with size 9 (UK) feet. This is the second pair of socks (first pair) that I’m knitting from Regia fluormania and Regia Creativ that is very deep stash. and I’ve stalled for ages on the second sock of this pair. They’ll have afterthought heels when I finally get to the end of them.


3: A new sock design. I need to work out the instructions for the toe up heel and I’ve stalled. They’re being worked out of West Yorkshire Spinners Signature sock yarn in the Cardamom colour. I adore this yarn for sock knitting, I used the nutmeg colour way to knit a sample of my Abscission Sock pattern. This Cardamom colour is my very favourite colour and was given to me for my birthday by the children. I’m knitting a me sized sample, and I’m really hoping to have these finished and photographed by the end of Autumn so that I can wear them this Winter.

DSC_0221-2 (1)

4. Snow Goose: A new DK shawl design that I’m working on. This is worked out of DK alpaca and is really lovely, but I’ve stalled as I need to work out the numbers for the edging.


5. A new shawl design that I’m working on. This is the larger version, the smaller is all done, I just need to check the edging number before I begin knitting it. The main colour is a really lovely Autumnal mix of browns, greens and yellows on a stellina base by Mothy and the Squid on etsy. It’s a really lovely colour with fabulous depth. The cream is Artesano Definition Sock in the Cream Cake colour.



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