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A tiny tale of instagram fail! *

check your geotags

I’m sure that I’m not the only person to have been caught out by geotags, but for someone who prides themselves on being tech savy I’ve been rather stupid! Over the last few weeks I’ve posted all my instagram pictures with the ‘add to photo map’ toggle turned on. On the one hand I’m very impressed by how accurate the geotagging on instagram is, down to a few meters, on the other hand do I want my home address that visible? No, I don’t, so I’ve taken down all my pictures posted from home over the last few weeks. If you want to check whether you’ve inadvertantly geotagged your posts, go to your instagram profile and click on the droplet like map pin sign, then zoom in on any pictures. As much as I’m annoyed with myself, I must admit to being very impressed too. Lesson learnt, don’t be so complacent Theresa!

*apparently on the iphone app it’s possible to remove the geotags from your photos after the fact. Go to the geotag tab on your profile and edit the photos from there. Thank you Sarah Hepworth for the tip.


P.S. The picture is a sneak peek of a new design that I’m working on.